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    No Smoking Permitted: Why Restaurants DonR...

    It is hard to believe that years ago, people were allowed to smoke wherever and whenever they wanted. Crowded restaurants, bars, shopping malls, groce...

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    Restaurants with Fabulous Web Designs

    Who’s Hungry?   We all love to eat whether we are vegetarian, vegan, or carnivores one thing is for certain: food is something that not only do w...

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    Kitchen Mishaps

    Ah the kitchen, one of our favorite places next to the couch and bed! The kitchen can be an escape from reality, a place to entertain guests, an area ...

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    Wrapped-Up Foods

    You think gifts are the only ones being wrapped? Ever heard of food enveloped in edible wrapper? You heard it right. Whether you’re craving for ...

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    Are You Sure You’re Going to Eat That? ...

    When most people sit down to eat, they are probably much too busy scarfing down food to even think about where each dish actually comes from. I can’t ...

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No Smoking Permitted: Why Restauran...

It is hard to believe that years ago, people were allowed to smoke wherever and whenever they wanted. Crowded restaurants, bars, shopping malls, grocery stores, your friend/family/significant other’s home, and even some colleges permitted smoking. There were no designated spots for smoking only or separation of smokers from nonsmokers in restaurants. Now, there is hardly anywhere that you can smoke and if it is permitted, you typically have a designated area. Even in these areas, you will probably be met with some accusing glares or see people fake coughing and waving at the smoke that is several feet away from them. This especially applies to restaurants!


Restaurants and Their War against Smoking












Although some restaurants still allow smoking- keep in mind you will be separated from nonsmokers and confined to your own little area- most have effectively banned it from their restaurant. This means that if you want that before and after meal nicotine fix, you will have to wait or step outside for a few minutes. So, why exactly do restaurants not want you smoking? Well, it is probably not due to the fact that they care about your health. After all, you probably do not want to know how many calories and how much fat was in that burger you just devoured! However, there are 7 reasons in particular that restaurants do not want you lighting up inside.













Some people are incredibly sensitive to cigarette smoke and may start coughing, sneezing, or even break out in hives if they are exposed to large quantities. If we are all honest, having a smoking/nonsmoking section does little to actually separate the two since chances are the building runs on one ventilation system.











A lot of people do not want to smell the smoke while they are trying to eat. Some suggest that it “takes away from the flavors and atmosphere of the dining experience” and although these people may sound like pompous jerks, the smell of smoke can easily hinder someone’s appetite.



Coffee Stained Napkin







Remember when you went to that barbeque and came home smelling like you had rolled around in charcoal and your clothes reeked of it too? Well, cigarette smoke also has a way of attaching itself to clothing and a lot of nonsmokers do not want to leave smelling like cigarettes.












We all know how easily influenced children can be and also how sensitive they can be to strong odors. Smoking can teach a child bad habits at an early age and may irritate their lungs and noses.


Secondhand smoke








By now we have all heard about how bad secondhand smoke is. There are tons of shameless ads for it, hard to watch commercials, and tons of research that has been done in an effort to educate people about the dangers. In an effort to look good, a lot of restaurants will ban smoking and use this as a reason.












Although you may not be the type to ash on the floor or throw your cigarette butts wherever you please, a dirty ashtray can still look unappealing and add a “dirty” feel to the atmosphere according to some restaurants.












A lot of employees- especially nonsmokers- do not want to be exposed to cigarette smoke for the entire length of their eight-hour shift. A handful of restaurants suggest that smokers may feel compelled to take more breaks when they smell the smoke and start craving the nicotine.


So, what about those who use e-cigarettes? There should be no issue, right? It releases a non-harmful water vapor, there is no scent, and no allergens after all. Although this should not be a problem in theory, some restaurants still do not want the products present so always ask before pulling out your e-cigarette for a mid-meal break!


Restaurants with Fabulous Web Desig...

Who’s Hungry?


We all love to eat whether we are vegetarian, vegan, or carnivores one thing is for certain: food is something that not only do we need in order to live, but it something that inheritably makes us happy. For example, during that special time of the month or after a particularly bad breakup with that cheating jerk what’s his face, women absolutely adore chocolate or a few (hundred) spoonfuls of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Men cannot help but start to drool when they are outside grilling and catch a whiff of that thick, juicy steak as it sizzles. As humans, we also enjoy treating ourselves to a night out at our favorite restaurant. This means good food, a light atmosphere, and less work for us. All we have to do is enjoy the food, chat, and pay for the bill at the end of the night; somebody else does all the cooking and cleaning for us. What is not to love about that?

When you think of your favorite restaurant, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your favorite dish. You start thinking about that favored menu item and maybe you pick up your phone to put in reservations or decide to swing by on your lunch hour for a treat. What probably does not come to mind is the restaurant’s website and its design. However, both of these are important whether you believe it or not.

Consider the fact that we all appreciate things that are well organized, prepared, and aesthetically pleasing. A clothing store can contain the best values and brands that money can buy, but if it looks disheveled, it is highly unlikely that you will go inside. Well, the same applies to websites. Restaurants, like other businesses, recognize this and have put in a lot of effort into the appearance of their websites. We have compiled a short list of some of our favorites for you to check out! Also, you should totally check out their menu too!


Restaurants with Stylish Web Designs

1. The Melting Pot

the melting pot

Everything about the restaurant (even its name) implies decadence and class. The website is nothing short of both. It is easy to navigate, simple, but elegant. Also, the pictures they have featured get us drooling in no time short.


2. The Steeping Room

The Steeping Room





This Austin based tea shop also features some simple but delicious dishes. Their website is fairly simple, but fitting. The colors are light and attractive, and it is also easy to navigate.


3. Kata Robata

Kata Robata

This sushi restaurant boasts a very stylish website. On their homepage, images of their food and dining area pass by on a slideshow, prepping you for the goodies that lie in wait. The black background also enhances the slideshow, cleverly drawing your eye to the images.


4. BJ’s Brewhouse

BJ Restaurant








The web design chosen for this site is simple but elegant. The slideshow provided is interesting and engaging, featuring workers, food, and the dining area. The black background also enhances the images, but be careful what you type into your search bar or you may end up with some inappropriate images!


5. Mi Cocina


Like most of those on our list, it features a slideshow that provides you with an idea of what to expect. The website itself is very classy and has an elegant feel to it; you may want to grab a glass of wine before visiting!



Kitchen Mishaps

Ah the kitchen, one of our favorite places next to the couch and bed! The kitchen can be an escape from reality, a place to entertain guests, an area where we can wow our lovers with our cooking prowess, and the kitchen also offers us comfort (in the form of food) when life has let us down. Although the kitchen may seem like paradise, it can also be a royal pain when things go wrong. You can usually expect at least one thing to go wrong when cooking (burning or undercooking foods, spills, etc) but there are some major problems that can occur if you are not careful!












If You can’t take the Heat…

We have all heard that common expression “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen” at some point in our lives and we have probably all wanted to hit that person in the head with a frying pan. Although the phrase primarily applies to cooking, it is relevant when it comes to common kitchen problems. Most of the issues that arise in your kitchen can be fixed with a little elbow grease and a do-it-yourself attitude, but some require a professional. We have listed some of the most common problems that surface in your kitchen:


1. Garbage disposal not working




The garbage disposal often becomes our one stop when it comes to getting rid of leftovers. Rather than dumping the contents of a container in the trash, a lot of people choose to push it down the disposal. The same applies to potato peels and both of these should be avoided since they will cause damage to the blades and can block your pipes! In this case, you might be best off calling a plumber since you can easily cut yourself on the blades.


2. Clogged pipes






Clogged pipes are something that you will face frequently in the kitchen, especially if you drain grease or oil in the sink and have an unhealthy obsession with forcing things down the garbage disposal. In most cases, you can simply remove the P trap pipe or put Drain-O down to clear the clog.


3. Frozen pipes






During the winter, your kitchen pipes may freeze during cold weather. Wrap the pipes that are exposed and open cabinets to allow ventilation. Also, let your faucet run on a slow drip to help keep water flowing through the pipes. If your pipes do freeze and burst, you will need to call a plumber.


4. Small grease fires








We have all been there whether we want to admit it or not. Although we may have just burned the food instead of creating a small fire, make sure that if you ever do have a fire catch in the kitchen from grease that you do NOT use water to put out the fire. Instead, use flour or an extinguisher to smother the flames.


5. Sensitive smoke alarms





Smoke alarms are the bane of a cook’s existence. They constantly go off the moment your food starts to cook and require you to leave your station to go turn them off. Open your doors or windows to allow more ventilation and wrap the alarm with a plastic bag or shower cap. This will prevent the steam/smoke from reaching the detector.


Don Your Chef Hat!

By being cautious and careful in the kitchen and following our list, you will have less to worry about when working hard on dinner!


Wrapped-Up Foods

You think gifts are the only ones being wrapped? Ever heard of food enveloped in edible wrapper? You heard it right. Whether you’re craving for a seafood delight or just want to munch on a simple and light vegetable salad, or eat some rice medley, here are other ways to enjoy food Asians are famous for. Or maybe it’s time for you to have a quick visit in your grocery store and pick-out the freshest vegetable this time. Or for must-try Asian foods, here’s a list you want to try which are easy to prepare and requires less mess in the kitchen (you won’t even need a maid services to clean up after you’re done cooking or preparing).


Korean Bulgogi










Now trending is the Korean specialty, Bulgogi; it consists of thinly sliced beef marinated in soy sauce, garlic, honey, sugar, sesame oil, rice wine and lemon juice. It’s usually wrapped in lettuce combined with rice and strips of the stir-fried beef. You’ll be surprised on how simple yet tasty this dish is. After finishing a beef-in-a-lettuce piece, you’ll still feel light. So keep on rolling!


Vietnamese Spring Rolls









Another vegetable-packed dish but can be combined with seafood, and is a specialty in Vietnam, is the spring roll. Prepare cooked halved shrimp and rice vermicelli; add some mint leaves, shredded carrots or cucumbers. You can also add tofu for a healthier recipe. Carefully wrap ingredients with the outer part of the shrimp showing on top as you roll it. Serve with lots of peanut dipping sauce. So anytime is spring time.


Yang Chow Fried Rice









This is a Chinese inspired dish which is a complete meal in itself. This mixture consists of cooked rice, shredded beaten fried egg, shrimp, green peas and onions. Seasoned with soy sauce, sugar and salt and sauteed in ginger and garlic. A bowl can satisfy your cravings with this fried and tested all-in-one rice meal.


Egg Salad Wrap








Back to the wrapping of food. This time, a much simpler dish but still packed with healthy options. Your wrapping skills are again tested with this ensemble. Prepare a mashed boiled egg mixture of mayonnaise with a little salt and pepper to taste. Add carrots cut into bite-size strips and green beans sauteed lightly in olive oil; you can opt for fresh ones. And for an added variety, mix in some bean sprouts and the ever-healthy tofu. Wrap tightly in rice paper. Now that’s a wrap without the bow.


Are You Sure You’re Going to ...

When most people sit down to eat, they are probably much too busy scarfing down food to even think about where each dish actually comes from. I can’t say I blame them, however. When those tantalizing smells call for me, I can’t help but answer back. I would suggest though that once your stomach is nice and full, you should come rejoin me for a little journey down memory lane and see, once and for all, where your favorite foods were created. Then, the next time you sit down to a nice, calm dinner, you can drive everyone crazy with your random facts. And you can appreciate food more. That too.













Let’s begin with a classic. Have you ever been tricked into believing that French fries were actually invented by the French? It’s okay if you have. I won’t judge you. The exact origins of these fried pieces of heaven are pretty sketchy but it’s generally agreed that they most likely came from the Belgians. The Spanish took potatoes from Columbia and spread them throughout Europe. The Belgians caught onto the trend pretty quick. They liked to fry up tiny fish but when winter came and all their fish got stuck underneath thick ice, they decided thin slices of potatoes would be a good alternative. Fish. Potatoes. I’m not sure I get the taste resemblance here. Oh well.













Up next we’ve got chicken and rice. It shouldn’t be too difficult to guess where this dish came from. No, it’s not China or India. But you’re in the right hemisphere. It’s Singapore! The people of this deeply cultural country can’t get enough of this delicious meal. As a matter of fact, it is their national food! If you ever get invited to a top Singapore event venue for a party, it’s quite likely that you’ll be served some of this magic on a plate.



Our last stop on our food journey is the Caesar salad. I don’t know about you, but when I think about “Caesar salad” I automatically imagine Julius Caesar chowing down on some lettuce and croutons. However, the origins of this food are a bit more complicated than that. It’s Italian. Wait, no. It’s Mexican. Sorry, I meant American. Wait, what? Actually, the story goes that an Italian immigrant named Cardini moved to North America and started up restaurants in both America and Mexico. This culinary genius threw together the recipe for the salad during a July 4th rush when they were running out of food. Way to think on your toes, Cardini!


So there you have it. Maybe you will now be so excited about telling everyone what you’ve learned that you will eat slower. Maybe. All I ask is that you don’t talk with your mouth full.


My Journey of Trying Out Different ...

It was my first time in Melbourne so I could not resist trying out all the different restaurants here since I am such a foodie. I wanted to explore the different cuisines they have here and I was certainly not disappointed. Now I know why they hail this place as the city with the best restaurants in Australia. Here are the restaurants I came across in my incredible journey:


The Point

This award winning restaurant offers a superb view of Albert Park Lake. I was able to enjoy contemporary Australian cuisine here. The prices were a bit high but they were worth it since the service was good as well. I even had a little chat with one of the waiters who tells me he graduated from Chambers Institute to get a degree of Certificate IV in Business. I was thinking of dining inside where the ambiance is great but I chose to dine outside in order to have a great view. I also took a look at their impressive wine list and saw a lot of keepers.


The French Brasserie

The owner of this restaurant suggested to me that I try wine to go along with the French favorites I ordered. I tried it and it was the perfect combination. They have such an intriguing menu and the server recommended that I finish my meal with the creme brulee and I did just that. I know for a fact that their express lunch for two is very popular so that is what I had and I was not disappointed one bit. I almost forgot to take pictures of the food before I ate it.


Secret Recipe

This restaurant originally started in Malaysia but it is rapidly growing all over the world as they now have 300 branches in over 8 countries including Australia and Philippines. They have such delicious desserts and I was lucky enough to try some when I ate there like the New York Cheesecake and Chocolate Indulgence. I also got to try the Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay and Chicken Parmigiana and both made me want to order for more. Their dishes are award winning and I clearly found out why.


Red Emperor

Since there are a lot of Chinese business people living in Melbourne, they opened Red Emperor. It is a contemporary Chinese restaurant that offers classic Chinese dishes such as Peking Duck and Corn Soup. The best thing I love about Chinese restaurants is their dimsum choices such as shark’s fin and steamed shrimp dumpling. However, dimsum containers just have a few serving so you may want to order a lot of it as they also have some discounts when the time is right.


Los Amates Mexican Kitchen

When I came here to eat, the place was fantastic. I knew right away that there is a reason why they are dubbed as the best Mexican restaurant in town. They also have Mexican music and a long list of food items on the menu that highlights every province in the entire country of Mexico.


Instagram Foodies You Should Follow...

Food is an important part of our daily valuable life. You stand to gain a lot from the numerous foodie Instagram accounts run by well known chefs, nutritionists and dieticians, designers and bloggers. Here, I will provide you with a descriptive list of 10 most popular Instagram foodie you should follow. I will also explain to you, why you should not miss postings of these Instagram foodie accounts.


1. @theholisticingredient






Run by Holistic practitioner Amy Crawford, this delectable account contains a wide collection of images of very sweet omelettes. They are usually gluten, wheat and sugar free and appears like dessert. I was pleased to know that they contain all fillings types such as strawberries, raspberry, and bananas among others.


2. @jamieoliver







This account falls in my category of 10 top Instagram accounts you should follow particularly because of the huge variety of foods. Celebrity Jamie Oliver understands the importance of delivering different meals such as breakfasts, lunches, dinners and sides among many others. I gather a lot of inspiration on how to create a great mix of fresh and clean food.


3. @sproutedkitchen







If you are for the kind of food that gives you warmth while enticing you to cook and eat at home every day, this is the account to follow. Sara Forte has made me have a great appreciation for whole foods.


4. @alexx_stuart





This account has taught me a lot about healthy eating. Her foods are purely homemade and originally wholesome with a mix of culinary delights. Wait until you see her snapshots!


5. @eatdrinkpaleo









This is one of the most motivating accounts because Irena Macri’s food appears incredibly doable and easy. She manages to use lots of tasty veggies and healthy fats such as avocados and eggs. If you have this account it will be almost impossible to become a lover of Paleo.


6. @alice_gao








While browsing for feeds full of amazing images of breakfast and stunning floral arrangements, I could not help but spot this account. Here, you will find beautifully arranged flowers and outstanding landscapes.


7. @ohladycakes







I must confess my obsession with @ohladycakes Instagram from the first time I stumbled on it. This account contains a wide range of feed pies, desserts and very beautiful images. I would definitely recommend this account to you any day.


8. @freutcake









Being a designer, blogger as well as a cocktail shaker, her foods are a reflection of it all; class. If you are in search of a combination of class and sparkle you can be sure to get it here.


9. @elsiecake







I have drawn a lot of inspiration from this account for the longest time. Her feeds contain loads of DIYs, tasty looking foods and snapshots of her adorable dogs. You will definitely love what you will see here.


10. @anielias









I have always sought this account for ideas whenever I am having special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. On several occasions I have advised my friends looking for a wedding cake idea to seek inspiration from anielias’s feeds as it contains stunning wedding imagery and cutely styled foods.


Why You Should Try Ramen Burger?

With the mention of best ethnic junk food, the first thing that comes into my mind is the famous Japanese rumen noodles. These noodles are delicious and affordable that I can bet they feature among the highly consumed foods in convenience stores today. Recently, I had about introduction of the Ramen Burger. The heat finally broke loose yesterday when I decided to grab a sizable burger to satisfy my graving since I heard about it.


Despite ramen noodles being suggested to contain little nutritional value, I can assure you that stolen water is sweet and you should step out of your regular diet and try this finger licking burger as soon as possible. This can be proven by the fact that after its introduction into the American markets a couple of weeks ago, foodies are already fighting to get a bite. Among the reasons why you should try this product include;


It is easy to prepare and consume.

Every time I find myself in my kitchen, I would not hesitate to spend 20 minutes making the burger. All that it requires are two buns containing fried ramen and a prime beef burger. Add sauces and flavored scallions to taste and trust me, you will be licking off your fingers once it gets finished.


You can make a lot in no time

The other reason why you should try out the ramen burger is because of its comfort and convenience during preparation. You can manage to make five large burgers within a span of 20 minutes.


It’s classy

In addition, it is easy and classy while eating. The ramen buns offer a sophisticated covering for the beef and other contents inside. This makes it appealing and haute at the same time.


It’s different

Ramen burger features sandwich of beef burger between ramen buns. This is opposed to traditional ramen burgers which used pork instead of beef. In case you have personal or religious issues with pork, then this is the time for you to grab a delicious burger that suits your diet.


You can use any meat

Apart from the shoyu sauce and scallions, the buns fit nicely into custom ingredients like sweet potato fries. This means you can pair your buns with additional crunchy foods.


Quite nutritious, surprisingly

Ramen burgers are exceptionally nutritious. Since the central part contains beef and other additional stuff like sweet potatoes, you can gain a highly nutritious diet with huge amounts of iron and protein content.


High fiber content

Ramen noodles, which forms the ramen buns contains high fiber content. This means that despite being of little calorific value, the high fiber content induces essential digestive processes which prevent constipation. Therefore, trying a ramen burger may be a remedy for your constant problems with bowel movements.


Ethnic Junk Foods

From a nutritional context, junk food would refer to any food with little or no nutritional value. Most ethnic junk food today have undergone substantial processing, thus they contain excess of sugars and fats. Since these products are appealing to the eye, producers would usually target kids and teenagers who do not care about their side effects. Junk food like French fries and cheeseburgers are among the widely consumed foods. Other leading junk foods include;


1. Fried Snacks


They include convenient items like salty potato chips and chocolate cookies. They are liked by urban teens and are loathed with calories. They are responsible for the numerous obesity related cases reported in the society today.




2. Ice Cream


Along most streets it is common to spot a vendor selling yummylicious ice-cream in cones. During a hot summer afternoon, I would usually have a deep graving for these foods. Ice cream cones also have huge calorie content.




3. Candies


Just like ice cream, candies are among the favorite snacks among children. Producers incorporate attractive colorings into lollipop and toffees, which makes them preferable to teenagers. Despite the fact that candies contain high sucrose levels, they remain popular among the youth.




4. Donuts


Donuts remain one of the leading snacks consumed for breakfast. Since they are prepared from deep frying, they have high fat content. Health experts hold the perception that excess calorie levels in donuts usually makes consumers obese.




5. Pizza

Slice of Vegetable Pizza with Melty Cheese

Pizzas, which are commonly consumed within household table during dinner contains excess calories. The cheese and flour content found in the snack raises its calorie level to high limits.




6. Burgers


Additional junks found in typical fast food stores across the street include the numerous types of burgers. Burgers are preferable among employees during lunch breaks. Actually, burgers are the number one most widely consumed junk foods across the globe.




7. Ramen Noodles


The ramen noodles, which are highly processed using fat and additional flavors, were originally consumed in Japan. This instant junk food became ethnically associated with the Japanese people, especially after reaching international markets. Immediately after its introduction, the product received considerable adoption in Europe and America because of being cheap and delicious. Despite being liked by consumers across the world, instant ramen noodles have been proven to being calorie dense. Other junk foods related to ramen noodles include ramen curry soup packaged in disposable cups. During preparation, it would require only adding boiling water for approximately 3 minutes before indulging in that delicious but calorie-rich curry.


Different Burgers From Around The W...

George Bernard Shaw rightly quoted that there is no sincerer love than the love of food. One of the most popular foods in the world is burger. The love of burger did not limit itself only to the place from where it was originated which is United States. Its popularity has spread far and wide. Each region prepares a burger as per to the availability of resources. Let us have a look at different burgers around the world.


1. Fergburger in New Zealand


Kiwis relish burgers in this eatery since 2001. One of the most unique thing is that the buns used for the burgers are hand-made. Fergburger names it burgers with very innovative names like ‘Little Lamby’ which is a lamb burger with tomato relish and mint jelly. Some of the other innovative names of burgers include ‘Bun Laden’ which is quite controversial. Its signature burger is Big Al which according to its name is quite huge. It contains beef patties, bacon, cheese, eggs and so on.



2. Flippin’ Burgers, Sweden


Famous for grinding meat themselves, Flippin’ burgers burger named Cricket includes cream cheese, pickled onion, jalapenos and caramelized onions too. The pickling of foods is done by them in the house. They have been very successful in integrating American burger and their local taste.



3. Hamborgarafabrikkan Reykjavik, Iceland


Hamborgarafabrikkan means burger factory. They are well know for the innovative names they give to their burgers. One of their popular burger is Miss Reykjavik which is a chicken burger along with mango-yogurt salsa. Like their names the sauces they use on the burgers are also quite popular. One of their burger named ‘The Rescue’ contains sauces mesquite sauce to red and green chiles



4. Hamburg, Rotterdam, Netherlands


This eatery is butcher-shop themed is very trendy. The burger they serve is made from locally available ingredients from beef, shrimp to pumpkin. The cheese included in their burger includes cheddar and Gruyere.



5. Hamburgueria do Bairro, Lisbon, Portugal


This eatery is very well-known for their unusual topping in their burgers. Some of them include watercress, sweet cucumber, flamengo cheese and so on. The bun used is cut in three parts. One part of the part divides the tomato from lettuce. This helps in reducing sogginess and helps maintain the shape of the burger. However this thing will prevent clothes from being spoiled which is the best thing of burger, don’t you think so.


6. La Burguesia, Santiago, Chile


The burgers which they serve is divided into two categories. One is gourmet and other is American. Some of the innovative flavors served by them in the gourmet section include grilled shrimp with tomato comfit. Burgers served in the American section includes innovative flavors too like green chile along with cheddar cheese.
Royal Eatery, Cape town, AfricaThis place is famous for its vast menu and everyone can enjoy their burger as per their personal taste. One of their interesting burger is the Wagyu-Angus cross along with beer-soaked onions on a pretzel. Isn’t it interesting?! I think the Americans would love it. Burger with taste of beer. What more could an average American ask for?!